The Band Explains: Talk Time - 'Year Of Self'


Indie outfit Talk Time chat to us about the visuals for their 80s-tinged title track of their current EP, ‘Year Of Self’ which celebrates unique thinkers who have the courage to live outside the box.

Talk Time Explains:
The song "Year of Self" is a celebration of anyone with courage to live earnestly outside the box, not out of rebellion, but out of coming into your own and knowing that's the way you want to live it. The song is also an ode to astronomer Galileo, who was persecuted and ostracized for pursuing his mode of thinking, leading many to consider him the father of scientific thinking. 

Danny (director Danny Jelinek) wanted to convey the struggle of living to a bicycle race, centralised on a hapless average Joe, surrounded by superior athletes with every intention of winning the race. I think it was a really fun way to use visuals to tell a totally different kind of story using a different medium but with similar themes. 

Director Danny Jelinek Explains:
"There is also a subtle narrative at play. Our hero, the average rider, is in last place and feeling self conscious about his position amongst the others. Sometimes he tries to befriend the other riders, but they're not having it. They are dead focused on the race. At times, he daydreams and lazily sips his water, even eats an apple casually. This is not a classic trope about an athlete overcoming all odds. This is a story about a man who is going to enjoy life at his own pace. Sometimes he struggles with this, sometimes he doesn't." 

Both the song and video have the message of giving yourself a chance, and following your path especially if you're an outcast. Essentially, don't give up because you're caterpillar, because your destiny is to fly. 

Where was the video filmed? 
on a film stage in North Hollywood 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us?
This video was filmed in 3D! We partnered with Jensen Karp (from KROQ's Kevin & Bean and more) for a music video series he started that is available to view in 3D on these crazy new glasses-free 3D Rokit phones. Our guitarist is pals with Donny Divanian, an up and coming actor/comedian that has been on Comedy Central and recently took his series that he shot for TBS to Sundance. He was a perfect fit for our hero and we were pleased to have him star in the video.

Interview feature by Karla Harris