Live Review: Broods - Vogue Theatre, Vancouver 02/04/2019

Broods-Vogue-04-02-19-Vancouver_ALICE HADDEN-05.jpg

Indie-pop duo Broods stopped in at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver this week as part of their Don’t Feed The Pop Monster tour. The dance party that ensued nearly tore roof off of the building, and we had Alice Hadden there to document it all.

New Zealand band Broods have been around for quite some time now, yet, I (regretfully) have never found myself at one of their shows. Years of bedroom dancing to L.A.F, on to Free and now more recent tracks Peach and Hospitalised have finally paid off for tonight’s show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

Before the duo however, you must make room for openers Bad Sounds; a quintet whom will quite quickly get you off your feet. A wake up for any tiresome gig goers, loud funk-laden anthems are accompanied by a similar stage performance as the band leap on top of one another. Milk It in particular, seems to be a favourite for some as friends lift each other from their seats to dance and sing along.

Their relentless energy and on-stage pranks is what sets Bad Sounds apart from others - a dedication to having fun and being completely themselves. They skip the awkward ‘get to know us’ phase and dive straight into their set as this performance really is who they are. And by the end of it all, the only thing that’s left is an audience in awe - and ready for Broods.

Opening with Sucker, the crowd reawakens to instantly shout back every lyric for the band. Waves of hands shoot in to the sky as thumping drum beats vibrate through the floorboards and feet tap from one to the other in unison. It’s a performance many of us have awaited.

Lead singer Georgia Notts’ vocals bounce off the walls as she darts about the stage between songs. The set list (thankfully) features a variety of tracks throughout their career, from big hit Bridges to recently acclaimed Too Proud - the band so effortlessly embellish each one.

Closing with Peach, the room lifts for one final dance before filtering out and continuing the sing- along on journey’s home. It’s a chance that everyone takes and Vogue Theatre has quite literally never ignited so much energy.

After years of waiting, Broods did not disappoint - if only that were every night.

Words and photos by Alice Hadden