Live Review: Slowthai – York Hall, London 01/04/2019

Slowthai - York Hall - 01-04-19-86.jpg

Booking a boxing hall for your final date of the tour seems like a slightly strange choice, but having just announced his debut album ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ and selling out the whole tour, 24 year old rapper Slowthai is definitely not pulling his punches!

The hall was absolutely swarming with bodies as the ring announcer introduced the Northampton native as “The King of England; the grand master of disaster”, pushing his way through the crowd like a hip-hop Connor McGregor, he took no time to live up to his intro, ‘Polaroid’ and ‘Drug Dealer’ instantly set the crowd into a brawl! Gigantic moshpits opening up all around the now lit up boxing ring stage!

When not bouncing around the ring, Tyron would be throwing bars back and forth between his balaclava clad hype man before climbing the barriers and staring menacingly into the audience. Half-way through the set he ran into a few difficulties including security issues and the sound quality not being up to par, being such an open and passionate artist you could tell he was getting frustrated but never the less pushed through with angry chants of “F*** Theresa” and orchestrating a few more deadly looking moshpits! Not once did the show seem to lose energy, from ‘North Nights’ to breakout single ‘T N Biscuits’ to ‘GTFOMF’, every song flowed perfectly into the next! Taking the set to an obvious pinnacle with Mura Masa collab track ‘Doorman’, which shows off the punk vibe he is effortlessly trying to express in his new music.

Apart from the slightly technical hitches, Slowthai should be pat himself on the back; to have a show that large after only releasing a handful of songs and to keep that sort of energy up for the entire performance is nothing short of impressive!

Once his debut drops, Slowthai will solidify his title of ‘King Of England’, he is most definitely not a butterfly but boy does he sting like a bee!!!

Words and Photography by Joe Dick