Band Of The Week #0076 - Cassia


This week’s Band of the Week is indie trio Cassia, who today release their debut album ‘Replica’ via Distiller Records. The band had a chat with us about the release.

Is there any inspiration behind the title ‘Replica’?
The tune ‘Replica’ sums up a lot of the themes of the album as a whole. We wanted to name our first album after one of the tunes on it and ‘Replica’ encompasses what the album is about for us 

Your title track ‘Replica’ is about optimism, how so? 
It describes the idea that against the odds, you can cultivate your own inner world to match what it is you want to see outside. An intense optimistic outlook and a desire to feel content and at peace with life are what this song is about.

What musical genres or artists do you draw influences from when it comes to writing music?
Well, we love traditional Afrobeat, the West African music especially in the 1970s has been so inspiring to us. Then all of the more westernised artists who’ve also been inspired by this music like Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend, Khruangbin...

You are playing a number of festival over the summer, is there a certain one you are looking forward to?
Yeah, we’re absolutely psyched for festival season this year.. honestly I couldn’t say. I can’t wait to play some of the U.K. ones as were playing bigger stages this year which will be crazy. Boardmasters should be cool! Always wanted to play there! Can’t wait to go back out to Europe as the festivals out there are always amazing!

Now the album is out, what next? What are your plans for the next few months?
Loads and loads of touring and festivals really! Got a big album tour in U.K. and Europe later in the year which we can’t wait for.

Live Dates: 

05/04 -Thousand Island, London

06/04- Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

07/04- Night People, Manchester

08/04 -Bodega Social Club, Nottingham 

10/04 - Garage, Glasgow