Video Premiere: Hildur - '1993'

Hidur NY 2 shoot.JPG

Today Icelandic pop artist Hildur has released the video for her latest single ‘1993’.

“The video for 1993 is based on the storyline of the song, which focuses on growing up to be who you want to be - yourself. When I was a kid I dreamt of being an artist and one part of the dream was to make it in “the big world” and perform on big stages all around the world. The idea came up when I went to New York to play my first show there to shoot the video in NY - which would very fittingly be following up on that childhood dream. We mixed in moments of me as a kid and I love the thought that I could show the 5 year old me what I’m actually doing today, living her dream.”

We are delighted to be able to give you an exclusive look of the video.