The Artist Explains: Tertia May - 'In My Head' (Video)


Tertia May has just dropped the video for her new single ‘In My Head’, which sees her pairing up with Cold Callers. She talks us through the visual for the track.

Where was the video filmed? Why was location chosen? 
The video was filmed in some derelict areas in Greenwich area. We shot it here because we felt the waste land spaces gave a sense of giving up, like giving up on a relationship.  

Who directed the video? 
Ruby and Boya. Two very talented directors with a clear visions.

What is the inspiration behind the video? The themes and imagery used? 
The inspiration behind the video was the feeling of being fed up in a relationship. The idea of wanting nothing more to come out of it and so the breakdown scene of the car represents the end of it all.

Are there any behind the scenes stories? 
To be honest, it was so freezing every time we shot so all  I can remember is just feeling so cold.

The track sees you pairing up with Cold Callers, how did that partnership come about?
My producer, Subculture, introduced me to the Cold Callers. I immediately fell in love with their verse on the track and then very shortly after, we met.