Album Review: The Drums - 'Brutalism'


10 years ago The Drums released their  debut single ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and what a ride it’s been since then. 2019 brings us their fifth album and ‘Brutalism’ is a monumental record for many non-conforming reasons. 

As the follow up to 2017 release ‘Abysmal Thoughts’, this is the second album since The Drums became a solo project. Now most predominantly as a solo artist, Jonny Pierce has created his most distinctly intimate record to date with ‘Brutalism’.

Already released singles ‘Body Chemistry’ and ‘626 Bedford Avenue’ lead the 9 song album, with other stand out tracks including ‘Loner’ and ‘Kiss It Away’. ‘My Jasp’, a clearer insight into Jonny’s recent divorce, is the most personal song on the album, with heartache and pain felt in the lyrics. Spirits are soon lifted by the following track, the upbeat album closer ‘Blip of Joy’, which delves into the classic Drums we’ve grown used to. 

Since the release of The Drums self-titled debut, and the gradual departure of the rest of the band, 10 years later, Jonny Pierce has been left with free reign over the direction of his music. The Drums has matured from experimental surf-rock into fine pop music, but ‘Brutalism’ also shouts heartache. It’s personal, honest, yet still demonstrates upbeat experimental sounds while being cemented with good pop intentions. This is Jonny Pierce at his most vulnerable, yet his finest.

Words by Abbie Jennings