Serene - 'Strange'

This London four-piece show there’s nothing Serene about being ‘Strange’.

Serene are a four-piece band from London influenced by The Cramps and The Stooges. While it’s not obvious on their third single ‘Strange’, you can hear the ballsy rock n’ roll influence these two bands have on Serene. No nonsense here, just straight up rock n’ roll. It’s blues punk in the hard riffs and vocal delivery, but it’s catchy and melodic, so there’s a hint of classic British indie music.

On their music the band explains, “we like to keep the lyrics up to the listener's interpretation. They are littered with riddles and you have to read between the lines to work out the double meanings. We want our listeners to feel something and if lyrics aren't your thing then getting lost in the track's energy works too’.

Sonically, Post-punk is also a big influence on Serene, as you can hear on earlier singles such as ‘With You’. But if ‘Strange’ is your first experience of them, you wouldn’t think that.Serene are a diverse band and do not stick to one style and are therefore ones to watch out for. Keep it coming guys.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst