Language Arts - 'Top Of The Top'

Language Arts reflects on the frustrations of recovering from a traumatic brain injury in moving Art Pop single, ‘Top Of The Top’.

Deeply affecting from the offset Language Arts lets her listener in on an extremely personal moment in her life as she explores “the unbearable feelings of feeling unwell, alienated, sad, and frustrated”, written while recovering from the disabling and emotional effects of being hit by a drunk driver. Atmospheric and inquisitive, Language Arts haunting vocal floats atop tender, evocative production which becomes increasingly more dramatic and tempestuous with frenzied, thunderous layers of light and dark textures raining down on its listener.

‘Top Of The Top’ is a touching piece of music that sonically taps into its listeners empathy and emotions as Language Arts invites them to swim through a sea of melancholy beside her, only to come out of the storm feeling stronger and re-energised instead of battered and shipwrecked.
Language Arts is led by Kristen Cudmore, who has teamed up with Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Gabriel) and Juno-winning producer, Joel Stouffer (Dragonette, Lowell, Serena Ryder) to produce her forthcoming album, ‘Lemon//Lime’ and ‘Top of the Top’ is a beautiful, bittersweet tale of acceptance in the face of adversity.

Words of Karla Harris