Sean Kennedy - 'Young & Depressed'

Los Angeles-based artist Sean Kennedy reveals himself as an exciting new talent through his beguiling debut single, ‘Young & Depressed’.

Sean Kennedy
makes a very clever introduction for himself through Young & Depressed, taking hard-hitting and personal lyricism and pinning them against a quirky, captivating soundscape that feels an absolute joy to listen to. Thematically, Sean Kennedy looks at the effects that a troubled childhood has on an adult and explores the contentious theme of doctors being very quick to medicate children, especially with perceived mental health or behavioural problems, “momma take me in to see the doctor, he didn’t even look up at my face, I became an addict in that office and young boys love to numb the pain”.

‘Young & Depressed’ refuses to be defined by one genre, and takes familiar, catchy melodies and cinematic influences and combines them with unique little ethereal textures which adds a peculiar, shivery charm to the song, leaving its listener feeling lighter while still recognising the vulnerability and seriousness in the lyrics. This is an immersive song absolutely saturated with feeling and its tender, thoughtful execution and direct lyrical delivery will stick with you long after the music has stopped playing.

Words of Karla Harris