Callum Pitt - 'Here If You Need'

Callum Pitt gets to grips with the themes of depression and camaraderie on heartfelt new single, ‘Hear If You Need’.

Following on from the anthemic uptempo indie rock track, ‘Forgotten Kids’, ‘Here If You Need’ marks the second song to be revealed from Callum Pitt’s forthcoming EP. ‘Hear If you Need’ opens as a lyric-led piano ballad seeing Callum initially channeling a timeless classic singer songwriter vibe, before the song progresses into a vibrant, textured track that shows off Callum’s affinity for rousing indie folk arrangements and his impressive signature falsetto.

Callum is an incredibly thoughtful and talented songwriter whose poetic lyricism paints vivid and imaginative imagery to explain every day feelings and emotions and ‘Here If You Need’ is an empathetic open letter of support to a friend struggling with depression. Through this song and his upcoming EP as a whole, Callum is trying to encourage positive conversations about mental health as he explains, “I've seen depression be debilitating to friends and leading them to feel isolated, feeling like they can't talk to anybody about it. Our 'toughen up' culture can be very damaging in this regard, and sometimes people may need reminding that the people around them are there to talk and help. I hope the song can bring some comfort to people in a similar position”.

With that in mind, ‘Here If You Need’ goes out on a high with a glorious, jubilant and determined instrumental that feels solid, unwavering and reaffirms hope in accordance with Callum’s poignant message in his lyrics. Mental health issues affect an estimated 1 in 4 people in the UK and for many, there is still such a stigma and fear of speaking out about them. ‘Here If You Need’ is a delicate and uplifting approach to a serious issue that neither trivialises or underestimates the severity of an individual’s suffering. Not only are we seeing more of Callum’s talents as an artist on each new release, but we are seeing a compassionate and kind human being whose songs, so far, have always seemed to be soothing in some way.

Words of Karla Harris