Live Review: Tom Odell - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 11/05/2019

TomOdell-Commodore-Vancouver_ALICE HADDEN-9.jpg

Tom Odell performs a stunning show at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom, with support from Lucie Silvas.

Alongside ethereal harmonies, Tom Odell’s set boasts beautiful echoes in every lyric. His vocals bouncing throughout the ballroom, (which is) fitted for just this show. Much to our pleasure, Lucie Silvas sound goes with his like the missing piece from that puzzle you’ve been trying to solve. A couple songs in and the singer explains that she’s ‘an English girl as you can probably tell (from my accent) and us Brit’s stick together.’ Like I said, a puzzle piece.

Each word is meticulously backed by a soothing piano melody to form what can only be described as one emotional love ballad to another. Although it’s not always like this, as Lucie is usually (supported) with a band - I like this stripped back endeavour though.

It’s a small set - short and sweet don’t get me wrong. I would’ve happily listened to another one, as would all the fans here tonight whom were now in a soft gaze - almost hypnotised by Lucie herself. However, we did all come here for said fellow-Brit, Tom Odell and his performance definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Making an energetic entrance, Tom ends his first song with a triumphant throw of his seat (to one side) as if creating a testament to how he aims to go on. The rest of the show rightfully follows suit - solely dosed in bursts of lively animation and screams from the adoring audience. By the second track ‘I Know,’ the singer is down at the barrier, joining in with the crowds waves of excitement.

For anyone that hadn’t seen this singer live before, it quickly became apparent how truly talented and born for this he is. There is nothing holding him back from playing every song with as much emotional capacity possible - as if he were in the studio writing it raw.

The show closes with Odell’s infamous track ‘Another Love,’ leaving everyone on a high as a feeling of nostalgia kicks in. A song that rightfully soundtracked 2013 for many of tonight’s punters - and one that will ring through our ears for the next week.

Words and photos by Alice Hadden