Annabel Allum - 'You Got It Good'

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Carral

Photo Credit: Stephanie Carral

Birthed from a conversation a friend who was going through hard times, Annabel Allum has released a new single called ‘You Got It Good’. Annabel says this song is a contemplation on how “sometimes we need to go through hardship to grow as people, and understand ourselves and the world around us better. To adapt and learn from negative situations allows us to appreciate life more.” Annabel’s songs are always an energetic take on tackling emotions that aren’t necessarily pleasant to experience. 

Doused in feel-good 90’s vibes reminiscent of The Breeders and PJ Harvey, Annabel’s sound is fluid and ‘You Got It Good’ comes in moments of catchy and brash choruses with layered vocals, to hazy verses with melancholic monologue. It has more of an upbeat and cheerful pace to the previous releases ‘Fear Naught’ and ‘sofa song’ which contain a little bit of moodiness. The irony is something that Annabel is no stranger to. Everything that she does is with intent and in order to experience as much out of life as possible.

‘You Got It Good’ is the first single to be released from Annabel’s upcoming EP, which will be released in autumn via Killing Moon. In the run up to the release, shel is going to be doing a string of festival dates around the UK and has just been announced as the support for Alex Lahey’s tour.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly