In Conversation With: Brian Nasty

Brian Nasty Press Shot.jpg

Twenty year old London based rapper and producer Brian Nasty has just released his new mixtape ‘Pyjama Party’. He took a moment to talk to us about the release and the rising network of London’s underground scene. 

Your mixtape is out now, where was it recorded? And who produced it?
For the most part it was recorded in my bedroom, the intro is produced by Jackson Allen, he also helped me on Cereal Killer & Thinking of my lover. He also produced Simulated void by Osquello, Chrome Charlie, my friend from New York produced Pink Light & The most expensive toy, and the rest was by me - about 70 percent !

When it comes to your music, you tackle some unexpected topics, such as mental health and loneliness, what had made you choose to tackle those areas? Do you feel it should be discussed more, especially in rap music?
I don’t think these topics are unexpected at all! I really use my music as a diary for my life but I’m actually trying to be less transparent when it comes to that. I don’t think people would want to hear that all the time. I think it’s discussed all the time in rap, people just either don’t get it, or just aren’t listening. Literally most rap discusses mental health but in a disguised way. have you ever heard Lucki? Earl sweatshirt? Even 21 Savage or Future? Listen to the lyrics of Hey Ya by OutKast and tell me that doesn’t discuss mental health. But it’s subjective, some people listen to music to have fun so no I don’t think it’s essential but to each their own.

Your previous singles ‘Thinking About My Love’ and ‘No Games Boy’ were released independently, what made you decide to release it yourself? 
I released those from school, I was 17 & 19, to be honest it’s because nobody wanted to get behind what I was doing that early so I did it myself. Even now I still feel that’s the case but anything to make my job a little easier I guess. I still kinda do everything myself. I just like making music so I’m gonna put it out with or without help!

The London underground network is thriving at the moment, with yourself, and the likes of AMA, Osquello and Theodor Black. Why do you think that is? Is there any artists you think we should be checking out?
It’s funny you mention those people, they’re all my friends and we all have music together! I feel like when you want something it’s important to surround yourself with like minded people to help inspire you because essentially we are all doing the same thing but all do it differently it’s important to remember that we can coexist without feeling threatened by each other, we’re all different! RIZLOSKINEGA BRANDONNAYANA IZ & LCYTNARCHI SILAS, listen to all those people and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. Rizloski has this one song from his project that’s coming called “Stuck” and it’s so fire. Every time I hear it got to hear it three more times. I produced a song for LCYTN called Jaded on one of our compilation tapes on which we throw songs away, it’s called Stuff & Things Vol. 1! I also produced the into to Brandon’s tape that’s coming oh-so-soon.