Strange Bones – ‘Give Me the Sun’


Full throttle rock n’ roll.

The second single from their forthcoming Blitz Pt. 1 EP, ‘Give Me the Sun’ is one hell of a track. Unlike the previous single ‘Vicious’, this a classic powerhouse punk track. There’s no obscurity or strangeness to ‘Give Me the Sun’. It’s driven by power chord riffing; a terrific and spiky lead guitar melody, and high-speed train-like drumming. Bobby Bentham’s vocals are catchy and melodic in the verse, but he doesn’t refrain from shouting in the middle.

Strange Bones prove that they defy strictly following genres here, and Blitz Pt. 1 EP will demonstrate a diverse collection of punk breaking boundaries. They do whatever they want and do it well. ‘Give Me the Sun’ is a force to be reckoned with and it may be the punk rock anthem of the year.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst