The Dunts - 'Bad Decisions'


The Dunts come up with a real statement of intent that's difficult not to like.

Sometimes punk rock can give way to it's own philosophies and just end up being the best fun out of all the tendrils stemming from popular music. The fact that there are still kids from all reaches of the world discovering the power of loud noise, words, energy and three chords is simply invigorating. As soon as the opening chords and rim clicks of The Dunts' new single "Bad Decisions" are interpreted from mere vibrations by your brain (I'm no expert but that's how it works right?)- you know what you're in for. And even though you know exactly what you're about to hear, that doesn't make it any less exciting.

"Bad Decisions" is quite simply about regretting a hangover. Or several. You know the type, you've had a hangover. However, the songs sheer energy akin to 90's Green Day make anecdotes as trivial as "staring at the ceiling" sound exciting. The quality of this type of hangover song is that it can quite simply bust your own hangover clean out of you. Four chords feature in the song (the fucking RIGHT ones), the pop punk clichés come in at just the right places and it's a classic two verse-three choruses-guitar solo structural masterpiece. But even if it can edge into Busted esque cheese by its final chorus, you can't wipe the smile off your face for minutes after the energy finally dies. Keep em coming boys, get louder please! 

Words by James Kitchen