Skating Polly - 'Flyer'


Purveyors of the ‘ugly-pop’ movement, Skating Polly, are back with another rollercoaster ride of a track. Following on as a counterpart to their most recent single ‘Play House’ which is full of whimsical bass lines that drive the feeling of angst, comes the abstract nature of ‘Flyer’.

Opening up with a bass riff that is reminiscent of Polly by Nirvana, ‘Flyer’ has the all of the airs and graces of a pleasant indie song. Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse alternate vocals in the disinterested and laconic breathy style of The Breeders. “I’m not tired, I’m just lazy” is a harmonised in a tongue-in-cheek refrain that leads to Skating Polly’s captivating signature – Kurt Mayo’s syncopated drum style mixed with a cacophony of vocals that are at once visceral, piercing, and melodic. 

Speaking of ‘Flyer’, Kelli says the song is about “this overwhelming self-consciousness and agoraphobia that’s been hitting me a lot lately. […] That led to writers block because I wouldn’t stick with any choices so I made a deal with myself. ‘Play House’ was gonna be a straight forward song structure with playful and abstract lyrics and ‘Flyer’ would have a very abstract song structure and very personal sincere lyrics.”

As well as the new single, Skating Polly have announced a string of UK tour dates. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly