In Conversation With: Callum Beattie


Callum Beattie released his new single ‘Connection’, he took a moment to talk to us about the release, and how his father’s record collection was a huge part of his childhood. 

Your single ‘Connection’ is out now, what is the track about? 
Connection is a song I wrote in Berlin. I had recently ended a ten year relationship which was incredibly difficult. I need to escape somewhere so I took a bag of clothes and a guitar and chose Berlin. I had never been before but it was where David Bowie went in the 70’s for inspiration so thought why not. I moved into a house with three Buddhists who were also musicians. They told me I needed to try and re-connect with myself and ‘Connection’ is all about that. Connecting with your self and other people in a positive way. 

It sees you paring up with long-time friend Michael Ochs, how did this partnership come together? Is it the first time you have worked together on a track? 
I met Michael in Berlin. I thought he was a very interesting guy with lots to say and cool ways of saying them. We wrote one song together and it ended up being my first single of the year ‘Connection’. He’s a top guy.

Your father’s record collection had a huge part of your childhood, which albums or tracks stick out the most in your memories? And why? 
Yeah my fathers record collection had a huge influence on me. He brought me up as a single parent and every night after school he’d crack a bottle of red open and play everything from Elton John to Pink Floyd to Rod Stewart. I quickly became obsessed with the writing credits on the albums and started writing my own songs.

After a year or so of getting a guitar, your father took you on a road trip between Edinburgh to London and back, what was the reason for this? What were your favorite moments on that trip? 
My dad said one year “Look Callum I don’t have much money but we need to get away from everything. We can go camp in tenerife for a week or we can drive the down to the south of England and go through all the lovely wee towns. On the way back up we will go to as many concerts as we can until we run out of money. But we will have to stay sleep in the car." It was a no brainer. My favourite moments was walking up every hour in a service station as my dad had to start the engine and drive round the car park to heat us up. We also managed to see The Who at Hyde Park. Thats when I thought this what I wanna do the rest of my life play on that stage to thousands of people.

Now the single is out, what next? What are your plans for the next few months? 
I plan to set up my own headline tour in September! Release more singles then finally release my debut album!