Joe Dolman - 'Drag You Down'

DIY singer-songwriter Joe Dolman gets honest about his intentions on new single, ‘Drag You Down’.

Opening sparsely and tenderly, Joe Dolman intimately shows off his heart-aching lyricism and soaring vocal, catapulting the track into emotive territory from the beginning. ‘Drag You Down’ is a wonderful combination of organic and electronic influences that swell, soars and flutter with passion, melancholy and intensity.

Dolman’s vocal effortlessly switches from tender and sentimental to determined and dark to echo some of the conflicted feelings in the lyrics, and as the poignant chorus kicks in, “I don’t wanna drag you down, nothing’s going to save us now”, the pain of the individual hells we go through and how these affect our personal relationships is palpable.

This is powerful, honest pop from a songster who relentlessly tugs on his listeners heartstrings.

Words of Karla Harris