FINNEAS - 'I Lost A Friend'


FINNEAS is back with his master song-writing skills in the form of his new single, ‘I Lost A Friend’. As the title suggests, it’s an emotional, soft track about having a falling out with a childhood best friend, something that we can all relate to. Breaking the mould of tracks regarding romantic relationships and family that have been featured in his previous tracks, FINNEAS challenged himself to articulate what it feels like to lose a friend and  the result is a heart-wrenching track combining his heartfelt storytelling and signature production skills. 

Its simplicity draws attention to the emotion behind the lyrics without heavy basslines and distracting riffs. His poignant vocals meet the delicate piano with a melancholic feel that gradually eases in a bass track that adds punch to the bridge of the song. 

FINNEAS is not only already a critically acclaimed and internationally recognised artist with impressive single releases under his belt, including his track ‘Break My Heart Again’; it’s music video hit 1 million views in the first week. He is also selling out shows across the US, as well as setting his sights on writing and producing for other well-known artists, alongside touring with Billie Eilish. 

This is an artist with a huge amount of talent that is continuing to spread his music and talents far and wide across the music industry. At just 21, FINNEAS is set to continue to create incredible and captivating work in everything that he does.

Words by Max Herridge