Emily James - 'I Saw Your Face'

Emily James releases another slice of emotionally charged pop on new single, ‘I Saw Your Face’.

Channeling the pop sensibilities of early Taylor Swift, Emily James’ ‘I Saw Your Face’ is a lyric-led love ballad flush with vulnerability and emotion. Emily’s gorgeous folk-tinged vocal pulls with a pure magnetism as beautifully textured electronic and organic production swells and recedes around her voice. While the song traverses through multiple emotions, there’s something soothing about Emily James’ hooky vocal melody that feels warm and reassuring.

On the track Emily James explains, ‘It was important to me that the production of the song mirrored the story being unfolded through the lyrics. "I Saw Your Face" depicts the many layers of overwhelming emotion that go into resisting your true feelings for someone. I wanted to take the listener on a journey through the highs and lows of all of these emotions, culminating in a wave of sounds surrounding them’.

Emily James is an artist who operates with a transparency that makes her music deeply affecting and accessible, a quality which should continue to serve her well with each new release.

Words of Karla Harris