Wildwood Kin - 'Never Alone'

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Wildwood Kin unleash elegant folk rock fury on current single, ‘Never Alone’ which acts as a battle cry of hope and solidarity during times of mental distress.

Produced and co-written with Ed Harcourt, ‘Never Alone’ opens with gentle vocal harmonies and delicate folk melodies as the trio lead their listener into a narrative of looking in from the outside on a loved one’s suffering and defeatism. This is a heartfelt track that is fiery, determined and intrinsically hopeful. ‘Never Alone’ builds into this huge, tempestuous a folk rock-centred chorus to hit home the reassuring message, “when you’re heart is grieving, air is hard to breathe in, let me show you a place where you’re never alone”. offering a safe space to anyone feeling isolated or struggling with mental health issues.

Wildwood Kin offer an aesthetically pleasing, dramatic, powerful soundscape for their listener’s to hopefully find solace and safety in the soothing lyrics during dark times. It’s a reminder of unconditional love, acceptance and unwavering belief that there is hope and better times ahead, without belittling or detracting from the severity of living with pain and sadness. A deeply personal and thoughtfully executed song filled with wild energy, pure beauty and relentless optimism.

Words of Karla Harris

’Never Alone’ is taken from Wildwood Kin’s upcoming self-titled album, which will be released on CD, vinyl, and digital/streaming and is now available to pre-order now, with ‘Never Alone’ provided as an instant download. You can also catch Wildwood Kin at a town or festival near you, at the following dates, here.