LIFE – ‘Hollow Thing’

Photo Credit: Matt Mollson

Photo Credit: Matt Mollson

Choose LIFE.

‘Hollow Thing’ is the latest single to be released ahead of LIFE’s highly anticipated album A Picture of Good Health. And, boy, are we in for a treat.

The song begins with a fade in of an angular Gang of Four-style guitar riff that gradually turns into a flange swell, whilst the drums and bass keep it steady. Mez Green’s distinctive Mark E. Smith-esque bark and howl, that you can hear especially in “I look so good in black, I always do” picks the track up and makes it classic LIFE. For the rest of ‘Hollow Thing’, instrumentally, the bass is solid, and the drums complement the guitars. The guitars themselves are intricate – it drops out in some sections, whilst also following the vocal melodies at other times, then adding bending notes in the gaps. It’s a lot to take in, but that’s what gives ‘Hollow Thing’ power and energy. Just to add more genius to an already great art-post-punk belter, the instrumental section is based around a football chant rhythm with hissing vocals, edgy guitar leads and 70s robot beeping sounds.

In ‘Hollow Thing’, LIFE take on a more personal approach in the lyrics. It’s about “moving on and overcoming hurt”. It’s big move from the politically-fuelled lyrics of debt Popular Music, but it’s still LIFE and it’s brilliant. Also, check out this lyric: “Dogs bark in doorways in a godless home”. Poetic punk at its finest.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst