The Artist Explains: Rayon Nelson - 'Made of Gold'

Rayon Nelson talks us through the cinematic visuals for his soulful single, ‘Made of Gold’ which explores the concept of being lured by destructive temptations.

Where was the video for ‘Made of Gold’ filmed? 
It was filmed somewhere on the edge of Luton. 

How does the video connect with the song?
The video portrays a drunk middle aged man, who crashed his car and then sees a vision of an attractive girl who lures him. The song is about having standards in life but somehow you find your self falling... in the video the guy basically has a break down and lured by a girl he thought was good for him but turns out the other way. This is how it connects. 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us? 
We didn’t get to finish the video...there was meant to be more of an ending to the video but ran out of time. Also whilst filming some guys strangely thought we were MTV. 

Can you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
The idea is as mentioned above; it shows a middle man from the country side... having a midlife crisis and has crashed his car. He is drunk, he has had enough of life and its ways. He then has an illusion of a girl that he knew whom he follows endlessly until he realises she's not good for him. 

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
Not everything that looks good/ attractive to the eye is actually good for you. 
I hope that people could take away the fact everyone’s not perfect and sometimes we go after the wrong things in life only to realise that its not right for you.

Interview feature by Karla Harris