Mike Liegel - 'Lights Turn Low'

Mike Liegel reflects on holding on to a relationship that no longer feeds emotional needs on brooding pop rock track, ‘Lights Turn Low’.

Produced by Andy Seltzer, Mike Liegel’s ‘Lights Turn Low’ is a brooding groove with a poppy hook that simmers with smooth rock influences. This sound is tight and mellow featuring crunchy guitar and percussive melodies that hints a retro 80s influences but firmly establishes itself as contemporary pop tune. There’s a gorgeous grit to Liegel’s vocal tone that brims with emotion as the lyrical theme contemplates holding onto a failing relationship, where two people are still connected physically but there’s problems with communication and emotional intimacy.

If you’re looking for is an honest, laid back, sultry pop-laden track with an alternative edge, ‘Lights Turn Low’ is the tune for you.

Words of Karla Harris