3am In London - 'Warning Shot'

3am In London brings a sultry blend of brooding alt pop on his debut single, ‘Warning Shot’.

3am In London’s smooth soulful vocal smoulders between crisp, percussive and guitar textures as ‘Warning Shot’ explores the theme of being infatuated with someone who you fear you might lose. Sonically, it’s a monumental toe-tapping, head-bopper of a groove which retains a mellow atmosphere throughout. There’s a moody edge to the song, yet t it’s also a sensual and smooth declaration of being all in in a relationship and wanting to avoid playing games.

There’s also evocation here on the hooky chorus as 3am In London asks for a heads up if the connection is lost, “if I’m losing you, just fire a warning shot”. I really like how this is honest and heartfelt without losing any composure, ‘Warning Shot’ is a laid-back groove enjoyed best with the lights turned down low.

Words of Karla Harris