James Crowley - 'Wasted Away'

Hackney-based artist James Crowley releases an ethereal cut of folk-infused indie pop on charming new single, ‘Wasted Away’.

Citing an eclectic blend of influences from Solange to Beach House, Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, it’s no surprise that James Crowley’s new single is a peculiar number, stylistically hard to pin down. Opening with sombre, organ tones alongside James’ beguiling vocal and the lyrics “I’m not wasted away, the bones I own are brittle”, ‘Wasted Away’ begins setting a morose hymnal atmosphere accentuated by James’ ethereal backing vocals.

James takes the ethereal feeling in the song one step further with wonky psych-infused synth that gives the song a trippy, ghostly atmosphere. But the dynamics and shifts of tone in the track are savvy throughout and the track culminates with an uplifting feeling of euphoria featuring rolling percussion and airy backing vocals, before pulling back to James’ folky roots with a minimal guitar arrangement which exposes his vocal magnificently.

’Wasted Away’ is a dark yet magical track taken from James’ upcoming debut EP, ‘What I Thought I Felt’, which looks set to be a considered and quirky collection of songs.

Interview feature by Karla Harris

James Crowley will be performing live at Servant Jazz Quarters on Wednesday 17th July, tickets are available here.