Vandelux - 'Feel Good'

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Vandelux creates an exhilarating indie electronic current on new single, ‘Feel Good’.

’Feel Good’ sees Vandelux toy between distorted and organic vocals, cutting through a hazy soundscape of crisp retro beats and thick smouldering synth. There’s a relaxed mid-tempo tempo to the track which alternates between spacious arrangements and a fuller immersive indie electronic sound. Vandelux has taken the less is more approach to create a laid back but electrifying track that moves with fluidity and sonic solidity, adding a muscular backdrop for Vandelux to get vulnerable in his lyrical theme.

While the production is a slow burning, simmering storm of emotion, the lyrical theme is straight to the point as it explores disharmony and heaviness in a failing relationship seeing Vandelux evocatively plead, “please strip it down, all this weight is killing me”. This is the exciting first single taken from Vandelux’s debut EP ‘Lost In Common’ which looks set to be a passionate and relatable look at the highs and lows of heartbreak, lust and love.

Words of Karla Harris