Live Review: Aly & AJ - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 18/06/2019

AlyAJ-Commodore-Vancouver_ALICE HADDEN_DSC_7198.jpg

Aly & AJ bring their Sanctuary tour to Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom.

'We didn't intend to do a 10 year hiatus,' Aly explains once the crowd is more calm, 'we just slowly started to feel inspired to write music again.' Lucky for us, the new material really is just as good as the track list (most of us here tonight) grew up listening to.

At first, we saw to the Ten Years EP - a collection of songs that thankfully reignited their love for creating music, and how easy it was to get back in to. Upon their relaunch, another five- track EP called Sanctuary. Their upbeat, brazen discography now filled with eighties inspired synth-pop.

Despite a lot of people wanting to fulfill their childhood dream of singing Potential Break Up Song, the crowd seem more than happy to belt out new music too. Tracks such as The Distance and With You proving as strong favourites, their slick beats thumping between the different dance routines. By the end of Promises, Aly & AJ prompt the audience to continue the tracks notable harmonies to capture what can only be described as a mesmerizing moment and something that has become a ritual for this particular song.

AJ points out that 'this is one of the most intimate crowds of the tour but definitely one of the best, we love coming back to this place.'

'This city always turns out for Pride month, we've had the Trevor project out with us on this entire US tour and they do incredible work for LGBTQ rights and healthcare.' The duo explain the work behind the Trevor project before walking everyone through a step-by-step process on signing their petition to support it - one that no doubt has thousands of signatures now. In return, fans are placed in a draw to meet the sisters after their show, it is nice to see that they care for and want to support all of their fans.

By the dreaded final song - dreaded because everyone wishes to remain here as long as possible - Aly & AJ admit it would be wrong if they didn't play Potential Break Up Song. And to be honest, I agree, it seems everyone has spent the last twelve years gearing up to sing alongside.

if there's one wish I have after that concert, I simply hope that it's not another ten years until I get to see this incredible duo again.

Words and photos by Alice Hadden.