The Artist Explains: LELO - 'About A Journey' (Video)

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Leeds indie dream-pop artist LELO talks us through the visuals of his new single ‘About A Journey’, which he recently released via Learn Fear Records.

Where was the video filmed? Any behind the scenes stories? 
The video was shot on the North Yorkshire moors and on the beaches around Whitby. 
We set off from Leeds early morning in a vintage Saab which we were borrowing, collected Andy Little (the director) from York and began shooting as we approached the barren countryside. It was freezing up there and we decided that the jacket I brought wasn’t the right vibe for the video, so if you see my teeth chattering- that’s why!  
After stopping off for some fish and chips (veggie pasta bake for myself), we got down to the beach. It was a lot warmer down there... until I fell in a rock pool and ruined my favourite pair of shoes. Sadly we didn’t get the fall on camera. Apart from that and the brakes being almost useless on the 40 year old car, the day went pretty smoothly - no dramas!

The video was filmed by Andy Little, how did that partnership come about? 
We’ve known Andy for a good while but never got chance to work with him. Then we saw another music video which he made quite recently and just thought it looked amazing, plus he’s into using film (Super 8 and 16mm). Andy’s very relaxed and chatty. He’ll be filming you while you think he’s just focussing the camera, so it’s a painless and enjoyable process.

How do you feel the video connects with the song? 
I’m really happy with how the video came out and how it complements the song. I think there’s a lot of speculation as to how important music videos are now that everyone streams, but I really love seeing songs presented in a new light and videos often do that the best.
Before shooting, the only thing about the video I knew was that I would be in it, and it’d involve an old car, the moors and the seaside- yet when watching the first (and final cut) the video made complete sense. We’re all super proud of how it turned out. 
There could have been a shout for recreating the story that the lyrics are telling but it’d have been so obvious, so I’m really glad that the video shows a completely different type of journey. It just feels like the video makes sense with the sense and vice versa.

It was mostly shot using a Super 8, did that not make you slightly nervous? As the film for that is rather limited in length, and also rather expensive. Did you have to do a number of takes? 
I’ve done other music videos which were shot on Super 8. Mickey, who I also make my records with is mildly obsessed with Super 8 film and keeps rolls of it in his fridge to keep it fresh! Mickey was also the ‘chauffeur’ on the shoot and he brought two rolls of Super 8 film for Andy to use. It’s not the cheapest format to film on - 7 minutes of Super 8 probably came in at £150 but it looks like nothing else! It has a timeless and dreamlike innocence about it which really suits the LELO sound. Regarding repeated takes, no we just used the point and shoot method - nothing scripted, just candid shots.

We did the ‘I Looked At The Sun’ video on Super 8 too, in my nan’s back garden, using just 3 rolls of film. And we have another LELO music video shot on Super 8 coming later this year