Artist Of The Week #0085 - Harry Mold


This week’s Artist of the Week is Londoner Harry Mold, who this week released his explosive debut single ‘Drain. He took a moment to talk to us about the track. 

Your track ‘Drain’ is out now, what is the track about? What is the inspiration behind it? 
Drain is a song that was spewed from my utter exhaustion of a dull/daily routine and my burning desire to be working towards what I wanted in life. Something I think nearly everyone has felt/experienced before.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories? 
Drain (and my whole EP) was recorded at Urchin Studios. Naturally being at the start of my career and being the explosively energetic person I am, my favourite BTS scenes will always be me generally bouncing off the walls and sporadically directing/working with the people around me.

What part of London are you based in, what are your favourite things about the city? 
My father is from West Ham and my mother from Essex so have always been surrounded by with the east end morale and lifestyle. Maybe its biased and maybe I haven’t seen enough yet  but I will always stand by the point of London being the one of the best ( if the not the best) cities in the world. For its buzz, modernity and general slick atmosphere that encompasses it.

Your feelings from the song root in the working a nine to five job in a call centre, do you feel this is a general struggle for creatives working in the industry? Working several jobs to keep the passion alive? 
As well as being a struggle for creatives in that situation, I think it actually relates to the most of us as people. Although it seems a big comment, an inevitable thing for humans is that grind in life and then realistically wanting to scream about it/get away from it.   

Now that the track is out, what next? What are your plans for the next few months?
So yeah, it’s out now and I’ve introduced myself artistically to the public for the first time. My plan now is carry on throwing as much Harry Mold to the world as I can and I’m so excited to see what it throws back.