John Myrtle – 'The World Will Keep Spinning Round'

Photo Credit: Chiara Gambuto

Photo Credit: Chiara Gambuto

The World Will Keep Spinning Around, the latest single off of the debut EP  from the 60’s inspired darling John Myrtle (to be released on Sad Club Records July 26th) is the most wholesome depiction of tender British psychedelia and fretted lushness to ever kiss your ears and heart. 

John Myrtle has a quintessentially English gift of unfailingly charming his way into our lives with every one of his melodic offerings and this track is possibly the most golden of all sunshine rays and rose-tinted blooms to date. Gorgeously toned this track is crooked smiles and leafy harmonies, pearly dreamed guitar and tentative telling’s of autumned moods and life’s worried meanings that we all share. 

All in under two minutes, John has not only tapped into the mundane anxieties nestled in the not so cobwebbed corners of our minds but also made us feel better about our day-to-day linger-isms with gentle bloomed optimism and love. As long as John keeps making music The World Will Keep Spinning Around.

Words by Al Mills