Kate Nash - 'Bad Lieutenant'


Released simultaneously with the BBC Three debut of her documentary, Underestimate the Girl, Kate Nash, has released new firey single ‘Bad Lieutenant’. The track is the first new release since the super fun track ‘Trash’ in January. As if two things weren’t already enough, Kate Nash has spoilt us by also releasing a video for ‘Body Heat’. Good things always come in threes right?

Underestimate the Girl is a beautifully honest portrayal of the harsh realities and everyday struggles she has faced in the music industry. Whilst ‘Bad Lieutenant’ feels like a massive middle finger to those who have betrayed her during her career, it also feels like a new direction for the musician turned actress.

Without giving too much away, Underestimate the Girl is an absolute must watch this summer. The documentary is a brutally and beautifully honest diary of her career, we get to follow Kate through the highs and lows. The documentary is an extremely vulnerable yet empowering insight into her life on the road, it’s also living proof that you can quit your job at Nandos and become a rock star with a little dedication, and we even get to meet her lovely dog called Stella, who also makes a cameo appearance in the ‘Body Heat’ video. Trust me on this one, it’s 100% worth watching!

Alongside clips and written commentary of recent successes, ‘Bad Lieutenant’ is played right at the end of the documentary. Kate Nash’s punky direction, that came to life after she was dropped by her record label, seems to have taken a step back for this single, which instead teases more electronic and punchy sounds. Could this be the start of another new era for Kate Nash? We don’t know that yet, but we’re excited.

Words by Abbie Jennings