The Band Explains - Lea Porcelain - 'Love Is Not An Empire' (Video)


Berlin based two piece Lea Porcelain have released the visually stunning video for their powerful single ‘Love is Not An Empire’. The tune is the title track from their upcoming EP, which is due for release on the 27th July. They took a moment to talk to us further about the visuals for the track. 

Where was the video filmed? What made you chose that location? 
We filmed the video in the desert of Spain and in TANGIER, Morocco. Since we spend 4 months in the south of Spain to write with the full band, invited songwriters, producers, photographers, we wanted to make a video there about "Love is Not An Empire" which we wrote in the first week there. The place seemed perfect for the song. 

Who directed the film and how did that partnership come about? 
We directed the video ourselves, build the story, got the main actress and talked logistics through with Nicolai Mehring who is the DOP for most of our videos. We found that sometimes it is better to work with people who are professionals and friends because in the long run, they understand more and more the life and soul and vision of the band and the music. 

Any behind the scenes stories? 
I think the best behind the scenes story is that we have actually found this dog in the desert nearby Granada and we couldn't leave him as he wouldn't leave us. So we kept him and then we put them into the storyboard. And his portray makes total sense, he's a stray dog but he's more like a friend that gets found on the way and they both go together their lonely way on a journey towards home. The dog of course is called Leo. Leo Porcelain. And he's living a happy life with us in the Funkhaus studio.

Do you feel the visuals of the video explain the story of the song further? If so, how? 
The story is about someone who comes back to the place where they grew up after a long time. Call it "the return of the lost child". The song is about freedom and there are many ways that we all seek this freedom. Usually as a young person you move into a big city but you leave a lot behind, your family, your past and sometimes your roots and it feels like a long lost love of yourself. But we have to realize that love can not be kept in boundaries and it travels freely. Either within you or your love to someone else. The visuals portray this journey very well because Sara is not an actress, she is the one the song was written for. So all she had to do was to be herself and let her behaviour do the acting. 

We would like to thank again here - Nicolai Mehring who is Berlins finest DOP, Sara el Hailouli who became from funkhaus waitress an actress now. And Manuel Kruge, our 1st Ac and best man to have on a DIY, Rock n Roll film shoot.