Giant in the Lighthouse - 'Sprinting'

Photo Credit: Olivia Edvalson

Photo Credit: Olivia Edvalson

Indie duo
Giant in the Lighthouse release their dreamy, yet gritty 5-track debut EP ‘Waving’ which includes the brilliantly nostalgic single, ‘Sprinting’.

’Sprinting’ is the EP’s opening track which is begins with raw acoustic guitar strums before Peggy’s pure vocal comes in and the dynamics soon shift to a weightless yet crunchy arrangements featuring thudding percussion and hazy shoegaze-inflected tones. While the instrumentation is dense and firm which offers a next juxtapose to the lightness in the vocal, there’s a floaty sense of freedom and nostalgia in the track’s atmosphere overall.

Thematically, the song is about missing your hometown and reminiscing on the joys of childhood. As the track develops it becomes more expansive, and enthusiastic, incorporating a sweet, innocent, sense of euphoria. Giant in the Lighthouse juggle light and heavier dynamics to expertly create a real buzz to the track seeing it become both exciting and soothing.

In terms of the EP as a whole, Giant in the Lighthouse channel a raw and unassuming ethos through the entirety of the record, which is predominately reflective in nature yet caters for several moods. If you’re after something more stripped and lyric-led, ‘Darling’ is the song for you, for ambient and dreamy head right over to ‘Frame’, or for more experimental dynamics, tracks like ‘Backwards’ and ‘Sleepwalking’ sit nicely alongside ‘Sprinting’ in that respect. ‘Waving’ is a really lovely record that would sit nicely on your playlists alongside acts like Phoebe Bridgers, Basement Revolver and Rainer Maria.

Words of Karla Harris