Annapurna - 'Cascade'

Photo credit:  Victor Garakan

Photo credit: Victor Garakan

Annapurna shares an anthem of hope in the face of life’s adversities in their beautifully crafted emo alternative rock single, ‘Cascade’.

Annapurna have transported me back to the music I used to love when I was a teenager with their 00s alt rock/ emo tinged sound. ‘Cascade’ is a really serene cut that taps into natural imagery in its lyrical theme and has a really organic, elemental sound. Annapurna take their time on this track, balancing airy and spacious, crunchy, verses with a relaxed singalong chorus.

But there’s an intensity here too, the track is wistful and evocative in its vocal delivery. intricate arrangements and cascading percussion. ‘Cascade’ taps into a holistic, healing vibe and embraces that special kind of solace that can be found through the holistic, healing power of nature.
’Cascade’ features on Annapurna’s 2018 album ‘The Greater Good’ which has some really dynamically intriguing and nostalgic tracks on it that really deserves a listen. Annapurna have lit a fire of excitement under my 30 year old self to realise I haven’t quite outgrown the genres that shaped me as a youth.

Words of Karla Harris