The Artist Explains: Lara Snow - 'Swim Far'

Art pop artist Lara Snow talks to us about her aesthetically pleasing visuals for ‘Swim Far’, the first single to be released from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Delete Forever’.

Where was the video for 'Swim Far' filmed? 
It was filmed in Geneva and Tel Aviv

How does the video connect with the song?
I wrote 'Swim Far' during my first winter in Berlin, not long after I moved there to focus on my songwriting and production of music. We just came home from a tour in Germany which was great and I was feeling very happy for a while, but then Winter came. Coming from a warm climate country, this weather made me sad and blue and for a few months I didn't really feel like interacting with the outside world. Looking back I guess it had to happened, cause it made me write all these new songs that I love deeply, but at the time I was feeling very lonely. We wanted to pass this feeling in the video, the existents of one person in a world full of beautiful thing, but they are just things, you know? Flowers became my best friends, so in the video I wanted to make them my little back up singers.

Do you have behind the scenes stories you could share with us?
After we shot all the footage for the video we felt like something was missing. I wanted the video to have flowers in it and a lot of dancing. We wanted to have a dancing figure, similar to the once you would have in an old music box. So we decided to make this silhouette image - the dancing ballerina. It wasn't originally in the video - it was something we added last minute and I'm really glad we did.

Can you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
It was a very freestyle video, a lot of improve. I just knew I wanted to have a lot of nature and beautiful things in it, and dancing. The inspiration for the angel scene in the C-part came from a photograph by Chuck Grant, I love the idea of this girl-interrupted angel, so it's basically an homage. 

What do you hope people take away from watching the video? 

I want people to feel that for 3 minutes they were somewhere else, outside of their day to day lives. I hope it will make people want to turn up the volume and dance in their living-rooms, just like I do when I hear music that touches me.

Interview feature by Karla Harris