Band Of The Week #0082 - Victors

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This week’s Band Of The Week is Leeds based Victors, who have just dropped their second single of the year ‘I’ve Been Missing You’. The track is dripped in summer vibes with a pop-twist, the band took a moment to talk to us about it and the music scene in their home city. 

Your track ‘I’ve Been Missing You’, is out now. Where was the track recored? Any behind the scenes stories?
I know, we’re so excited to finally release it! The track was recorded at our producer’s house on a farm in the middle of nowhere just outside of Skipton, completely secluded and surrounded by beautiful countryside. We’ve never spent so long on one song before because we really wanted to get it right. We started playing around with gospel-esque seven part harmonies with this track, which is something we’ve never done before. I guess a behind the scenes story would be, before Pippa arrived at the recording session to sing the harmonies, I (Simon) was still writing and changing the harmonies on a piano on my iPad, and even changing / writing new ones during her recording session. Luckily it turned out alright.    

What is the track about?
I’m forever finding myself back in the same situations, knowing that it’s just gonna end up the same way or something similar. That’s what IBMY is about. Trying to move on. 

It sees you releasing the song via CLOSEUP, this is the second time you have put out a song via their new label. What kicked off that partnership?
They approached us as we were trying to continue building our London fanbase, they had already worked with some great artists so we felt that we could work really well together whilst giving us total creative freedom. They’re all super nice guys too. Shoutout to CLOSEUP!

Your previous track, ‘Big City’ is kind a pair with this new track? How so, and why not just write one track instead of two? 
IBMY follows on from Big City so yeah they come as a pair really. If you listen back to the final lyric of Big City, it leads right into the start of IBMY. We also wanted to show two completely different sides of us musically and lyrically. As we mature and have more experiences, the music evolves organically with us. 

You are based in Leeds, and last month you played a huge home headline show at the Hype Park Book Club. Do you feel Leeds has an exciting music scene at the moment? What are the best venues and bands to check out? 
I’d say Leeds is mostly based around an Indie/Rock scene, or at least it was when we were starting out. But as it continues to grow more artists are emergeing and its everything from Metal to psychedelic electronica to RnB. Our favourite venues to see new bands at are Brudenell Social Club, The Wardrobe, Belgrave Music Hall and Headrow House. We’ve got our eye on that arena though…
We’ve been working with Pippa for this track but she also has her own material so you should definitely check her out. Another great band we love to play with is Kata Rayna, they have a great atmospheric electronic/dance like vibe combined with incredible male/female vocal duets. Really good stuff and lovely guys. 

Now the single is out, what next? What are your plans for the next few months?
We’ve got a handful of great shows around the country, we have another big one in Leeds then we’ll be going to London, Wales, Wakefield, Huddersfield, The Lake District and more to be announced. All shows and dates will be on our socials and website. Then we’ll be heading straight back into the studio to cook up the next tune. Keep your eyes peeled!