Grey Hairs – ‘Tory Nurse’


The UK is churning out punk-style guitar bands left, right and centre, and if you’re digging this uprising then you need to check out Grey Hairs new single ‘Tory Nurse’.

Released ahead of their upcoming third album, ‘Tory Nurse’ begins with a tumbling drum beat that foreshadows the first lyric “Right now we’re slowly switching off” perfectly. It’s like a malfunction in the human mind and body, and Grey Hairs address this straight away. The vocals in which this line is delivered are uneasy and shaken, as if they are doomed for an impending catastrophe. The track itself has a gloomy feel to it – in the tempo and drum beat and the guitars that drone like a robot on its last legs. But it’s not dull – quite the opposite – they are hypnotic and entice you into wondering where ‘Tory Nurse’ is going. The chorus is gothic and industrial-sounding, especially with the bell like ringing that sits subtly in the mix. Wire’s later material comes to mind here.

The middle is interesting with it’s almost circus-like guitar leads (which, if you watch the video, will tie in nicely) with a collective demonic mumbling in the vocals. The final verse becomes even more industrial-esque as the guitar stabs and slides are punctuated by the rumbling bass and drums and the song gathers more momentum as it comes to an end.

‘Tory Nurse’ plays more on a calculated edgy and atmospheric feeling than the straight-up fuck you attitude of previous singles such as ‘Emergency Banger’. It proves that Grey Hairs are a great punk rock band that can expand into new territories and do it well.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst

Live Dates:
Friday 9th August - Albert's, Nottingham
Friday 16th August - Pilgrim's Pit, Stoke on Trent
Saturday 17th August - Hatch, Sheffield
Friday 23rd August - Paper Dress Vintage, London