The Artist Explains: Lune Rose - 'Can't Be Sure'

Lune Rose talks us through the ideas behind her artistic and intimate visuals for ‘Can’t Be Sure’ which thematically shares the doubts and difficulties in trying to communicate and maintain a long distance relationship.

Where was the video for ‘Can't Be Sure’ filmed?
This was filmed in my producer’s garage in Highland Park. We didn't need a big studio or anything fancy so we used what we had handy! A black sheet for the backdrop and a couple of colour changing lights did the trick.

How does the video connect with the song?
We wanted the visuals to match the dreamy and contemplative feeling the song evokes. Shooting the video in one-take on super 8 film allowed us to show the viewer a raw representation of the song that lent itself to the reflective nature of the lyrics.

Do you have any noteworthy behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
Since we were relying on shooting the video in one long take on super 8 film, we rehearsed every little movement for a few hours before shooting. It was pretty nerve-wracking once we put the film in the camera and went for it. There was a lot of pressure on the director since we had no playback and we weren’t sure if the lights we were using would even show up on the film. An added pressure was the fact that it was handheld in one position for the full length of the song. We really lucked out with the length of the song being about the exact length of one roll of film. It was an especially long wait once we dropped off the film to get developed since we were so anxious to see it.

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

DJ Dveris, director of photography, wanted to capture my thought process behind the song. A continuous shot on film added to the feel of authenticity. ‘Can’t Be Sure’ follows my thought process on how to approach pursuing a long-distance relationship with ever-changing colours throughout the video to mirror the progression of an ever-changing relationship.

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?

’Can’t Be Sure’ both musically and visually share a hypnotic quality. I hope for the viewer to find the music video to be as mesmerizing as the rhythm of the song. I also hope for listeners to be able to connect with the lyrics. Can’t Be Sure is about the distorted communication of texting and social media amidst trying to make a long distance relationship work. With no chance to read someone’s body language, and only hearing their tone of voice over the phone, this song captures the feeling of overthinking and confusion that come with trying to figure another person out.

Interview feature by Karla Harris