Chastity Belt - 'Ann's Jam'


Chastity Belt have returned with ‘Ann’s Jam’, a nostalgic track that reminisces about previous summers of youthful exuberance.

It’s the lead single from their upcoming self-titled album due to be released in September and has been produced by Melina Duterte aka Jay Som. As ever, ‘Ann’s Jam’ features Chastity Belt’s trademark exemplary guitar playing, with melodic riffs that mimic a dream-like state, creating an incredibly calming sense of ambience and tranquility.

The song sees Julia Shapiro and co take an introspective and personal approach to their song writing. They hark back to the summer of 2008 and with sentimental eyes remember times spent singing out loud during long car journeys and spending time with friends. It’s a tribute to a time we can all relate to, a period of our lives where we were care-free. The lyrics, “now there’s a thick fog around everything I learn, and I just kill time by dreading everything”, accept the challenges and anxiety that comes with modern adult life.

Chastity Belt have graced us with yet-another pristine indie-rock track that captures and transcribes the very essence of summer spirit that we so often long for.

Words by Matthew Pywell

CHASTITY BELT new self-titled album, is set for release the Sept 20th on Hardly Art!