Eydís Evensen - 'Stormasamt Kvöld'

Post-classical composer Eydís Evensen shares evocative cinematic composition, ‘Stormasamt Kvöld’.

Translating as “Stormy Evenings’, Icelandic-born New-York based composer Eydís Evensen’s composition Stormasamt Kvöld is a sensationally bleak yet beautiful piece of piano-led music. Evensen’s transports her listener on a desperately vivid journey of melancholy and raw emotion seeing moving string sections intertwine with moody piano notes in a spectacularly cinematic way. As the track develops it becomes a flurry of calmness and takes on a fluttering, romanticised sense of contemplation that nicely juxtaposes the aching tones in the first half of the song.

’Stormasamt Kvöld’ comes with its own stirring artistic visuals, and while there is a threaded storyline which focuses on every day life and human routine, it is very open to interpretation both sonically and visually. To me, it is a beautiful reminder that you never really know what wonderful, inspired, or violent and volatile storms are raging inside another person. We all hide secret worlds inside of us, but we are also mostly all connected through our capacity to feel the same emotions. For me, ‘Stormasamt Kvöld’ screams of sorrow and in turn, empathy.

Words of Karla Harris