SAFIA - 'Resolution'

SAFIA bathe in ethereal beauty on indie electro single ‘Resolution’.

‘Resolution’ sees SAFIA create an incredibly aesthetically pleasing song channeling an eerie romanticism which feels like pure magic, despite the more melancholic undertones in the track’s beautifully poetic lyricism. This is a track that is cleverly haunted by loss, longing, vulnerability and ghosts of the past in both its lyrical content and its sonic textures, but where it is weighted with rich sentiment, it is also light and uplifting in its own right.

The lighter tones come in on the track’s soulful and spirited chorus, seeing SAFIA embrace a more mellow less emotionally charged atmosphere without losing any evocation. ‘Resolution’ then climaxes on an explosive vocal free assortment of vibrant sounds which feels powerful and revitalising. While electronically driven, SAFIA’s grasp of affecting and tenderly crafted textures means the track presents itself as organic and wholesome, leaving its listener turned upside down by a raw current of emotion, equally as soothing as it is stirring.

Words of Karla Harris