LION - 'Wolf'

Lion - Dan Evans low res.jpg

Beth Lowen’s moniker may be LION, but she’s channelling other wild animals in her latest release. 

‘Wolf’ opens in a majestically misleading way. At first, we’re serenaded by Beth’s voice in its raspy breathlessness. Instruments are simplistic and ethereal; and you’d be forgiven for being lulled into a quiet, safe space. Out of nowhere, Beth is guttural as ever – her raspy vocals erupting into a roar for the chorus. The contrast between mellow verses and wild choruses feels as though we’re oscillating with her, on her mental journey. Accompanying the raw tones of ‘Wolf’ is a video that is truly encapsulating, littered with as many tense moments, as there are tender. Beth has a distinct talent for giving nothing away, yet saying so much, all at the same time. This makes watching the music video with the volume at its highest point, a captivating experience, even though the song more than holds its own without its counterpart.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly