Elina Eriksson - 'Discover Her'

Stockholm based artist/songwriter/producer Elina Eriksson sets pop alight with spaciousness and pure emotion on her debut single, ‘Discover Her’.

Written and produced solely by herself ‘Discover Her’ is led by a moving minimal piano arrangement and air of sadness and nostalgia as Elina Eriksson’s lush, slightly washed out vocal reflects on a relationship where she was cheated on:

"The story behind the song is inspired by this weird relationship I had with a girl back in London years ago. Parts of it kind of describes this one night when she didn’t come home cause she was seeing someone else behind my back (classic cheating story..). And ever since I’ve always wondered how it can be so easy for some people to just lie and hurt other people and not even feel a little bit bad about it. Some people might just not have any bad conscience within their bodies".

While the focus is on the emotion in the vocal, and the personal betrayal in the storytelling the hook issurprisingly upbeat and Eriksson gently fleshes the track out with cool, throbbing, electronic beats and fuzzy, eclectic, bursts of synth. ‘Discover Her’ sees Eriksson make a very welcome, warm and honest introduction for herself in nurturing the powerful less is more approach to heartfelt pop.

Words of Karla Harris