Scatterbrained. - 'Black Smoke'

Scatterbrained. put mental health issues and drug addiction under the microscope on potent new post-hardcore/ alternative rock single, ‘Black Smoke’.

While predominately alternative rock and post-hardcore leaning, Scatterbrained. execute an ambitious blend of influences on current single, ‘Black Smoke' which will have your head spinning as it races through all the familiar bands it may remind you of, while retaining an air of authenticity and integrity. Scatterbrained open the track with a powerful spoken word segment and gritty guitars that have the familiar 00s chiming guitar melodies, before the vocals transition into melodic alt rock/ post-hardcore territory nodding towards acts like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday.

This sets the scene for the rest of the track as Scatterbrained. effortlessly transition between thought-provoking and reflective spoken word with real depth and poignancy, and energetic, singalong vocal hooks with crunchy, searing instrumentation. The band cite the song is about “the multiple personalities that are in your head at times mixed with drug addiction” and as the track develops, the vocals become more neurotic and deranged to reflect the lyrical theme. Scatterbrained. aggressively repeat the suffocating mantra, “never gonna breathe never gonna breathe” before flying into a high velocity, immersive instrumental break, which then transforms into an enthralling electronic rock instrumental that nods towards early Linkin Park.

By adding their own fresh energy, life experiences and eclectic touch to the genre, Scatterbrained. have revitalised the most popular parts of meticulously crafted post-hardcore and alternative rock , taking their listener on huge nostalgia trip, yet showing they are far from imitators.

Words of Karla Harris