Wes Reeve - 'Honey, I'


Wes Reeve, a new artist hailing from LA, caught our attention this week with her debut track, ‘Honey I’. 

Her track begins with raw and intimate vocals coupled with background noises of children and nature, making it an interesting listen with many layers to it. When the backing music kicks in, the track transforms to a beautiful song with soft and smooth vocals over a simple bass track. 

The guitar notes are simply crafted and glorious in the way that they compliment Wes’ vocal tone. The track plays with a split sound across the left and right sides, so we definitely recommend giving it a listen with headphones for an all-around musical experience.  

Wes Reeve has a unique way of creating her tracks; she creates them through a stream of consciousness, incorporating childhood memories and fairytale narratives. The dreamy nature of this track is definitely something that catapults us to the dream-like world that her music exists within. Her aesthetic is based in make-believe and otherworldly experiences, which sounds very exciting for someone just emerging onto the scene.

As well as creating her own music, she also illustrates the artwork and produces and directs her own music. She really sounds like the full package when it comes to being a modern musician and we are excited to see what she will release next. 

Words by Max Herridge