Death Valley Girls - 'Dream Cleaver'

Photo credit: Deb Frazin

Photo credit: Deb Frazin

Trans-dimensional travel rock, anyone?

Inspired by Terrence McKenna’s ideas on trans-dimensional travel, Death Valley Girls have released the standalone single ‘Dream Cleaver’. It follows the release of their proto-punk-esque album ‘Darkness Rains’. Death Valley Girls stick to this formula but add more psychedelia to the mix in ‘Dream Cleaver’. Watch the video and you get a scuzzy take on an Alice in Wonderland-like dream trip. Prepare to get freaky.

‘Dream Cleaver’ is just really cool psychedelic garage rock. It is nostalgic, but Death Valley Girls make it contemporary and perfect for the 21st century. And there’s a childish charm in the primitive rock n’ roll instrumentation, the girlish vocals, and the LSD trip that is the video. It makes you want to hear more.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst