Jenny Kern - 'Slow Burn'

Opening with moody, atmospheric folk arrangements , Jenny Kern’s ‘Slow Burn’ does exactly what the name suggests as it flickers with slow burning intensity.

Sonically sparse yet emotionally dense, ‘Slow Burn’ sees Jenny Kern’s aching vocal and confessional style of songwriting guide the track as she hauntingly confides, “I think I lost my way, broken in flames”. While lyrically driven, ‘Slow Burn’ layers subtle electronic and organic textures to create a crunchy, hazy ambience to the track, which powerfully breaks up the narrative of the song providing space for sombre reflection. The swirling and crisp chugging textures almost represent slow thudding anxiety and the whirring cogs in Kern’s mind as she externalises her innermost feelings.

Despite the emotional appeal to the song, there something oddly soothing about the sadness here. Kern draws strength from revisiting her lows in an unassuming yet completely relatable way, ending the track on balmy, comforting tones that chime of hope and resilience. ‘Slow Burn’ is taken from Kern’s debut self-titled EP which is comprised of four affecting tracks born from brooding sentiment - the perfect record for fans of bluesy soft rock meets introspective indie folk influences.

Words of Karla Harris