Joshua Chase Miller - 'Chaos'

‘Chaos’ by name, but not by nature, Joshua Chase Miller shows how beauty and boldness can be born from restrain on his striking new single.

‘Chaos’ opens gently with laid back drums and a hypnotic looped piano arrangement, which pleasantly drives the song and sets a romanticised, sentimental atmosphere. Miller’s evocative vocal comes in with poignancy, , “Try not to run so far away… so far you become a distant memory”, threading a narrative that finds its listener instantly emotionally invested.

Miller has one of those special kind of voices that impacts with a swiftness, tugging its listener from the inside out with its sheer magnetism. There’s a heartwarming tenderness as Miller intimately cut through melancholia with the uplifting and optimistic reminder to not let anxieties and fear paralyse us.

As the lyrics grow bolder and more hopeful, so does the track’s instrumentation which makes use of an organic band sound seeing brass instruments flitter in and out of the song with a grandeur that gives the track a smoky sophistication, before closing the the track on a powerful instrumental that displaying a sonic disarray that smells like freedom.

Through ‘Chaos’ Miller orchestrates a tranquility that sees restlessness relinquish its control and evaporate into a sky where greatness is dancing on the horizon, glistening like flecks of sunshine penetrating lonely waters.

Words of Karla Harris